Have an idea for commissioning a unique portrait? Please get in touch and we’ll work out how to encapsulate your thoughts in the perfect Glass Cathedral. In the mean time take a wander through The Portrait Gallery below for inspiration.

Portrait: Esther and Laura
Portrait:  Brooks/Porter family
Portrait: Michelle McKillop
Portrait: Jimmy and Damien
Portrait: Charlie Barnett
Portrait: Basil
Portrait: Shirzad and Sabine
Portrait: Julia Adam
Portrait: Antonina and Sanjay
Portrait: Ariane and Cos
Portrait: Anasuya and The Hulk
Portrait: The Cordens
Portrait: Nicola and Markus
Portrait: Denisse and Sam Whittington
Portrait: Rajiv Menon
Portrait: Olga Lorencin-Northrup
Portrait: Devin
Portrait: Bea in the rain
Portrait: Sophie
Portrait: Kristin, Kirsten, Renee and Kimberly
Portrait: Abi Wells
Portrait: Mila
Portrait: Jennifer Holm
Portrait: Holly and Jason
Portrait: Alex Hearn
Portrait: Joan Cusack
Portrait: Ashley and Lynette
Portrait: Mark and Dave
Portrait: The Ladarias
Portrait: Nancy and Pertti
Portrait: Karen and Will
Portrait: Marin
Portrait: Jaime Xie
Portrait: Victoria
Portrait: Shane Kuhn
Portrait: Stig og Stein Idélab
Portrait: Lynn and Bud
Portrait: Jodie and Claire
Portrait: Sonja Rasula
Portrait: Dr. Gottlieb
Portrait: Youmna and Tony
Portrait: Countryfile Live
Portrait: Lilah
Portrait: Ed Gascoigne-Pees
Portrait: Joey and Becca
Portrait: Granny Hughes
Portrait: Ann
Portrait: Anthony Rosenfelder
Portrait: The Parkers
Portrait: Ken Rowe
Portrait: Tony Hansen
Portrait: Neil Jones, Make-a-wish
Portrait: The Unknown Wrestler
Portrait: Amanda Preston
Portrait: Sophia
Portrait: Kimberley Royston Green
Portrait: Tamra Peters and the People’s Climate Marchers
Portrait: Eleni and Brandon
Portrait: Brian West
Portrait: Michael Price
Portrait: Swerling clan and Giraffe
Portrait: The Sisters
Portrait: Melanie, Libby and Yasmin