“We are all both insignificant, and epic at the same time.” Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals are a series of hundreds of miniature worlds in boxes exploring this dichotomy, expressing big ideas with tiny figures not much bigger than a pea.

Many Glass Cathedrals are uniquely customised to capture passions, events, places, people, memories… They can be shipped worldwide.
Art treasures, treasured for life.

Taking orders now for delivery Worldwide from August 2022 (express commissions also possible).

So much art to share! Here’s a summary of how it’s organised on the website:  
Portfolio – “Open edition” designs, made to order. Customisation of designs can be an option.
Themes – Examples of unique commissions, where the figures are made to resemble real people, in the scene of your choice.
Collections – Self-initiated collections of work, themes include cinema, books, circus, Frida Kahlo and politics.

Some quick links (open new windows):
Online shop – Most boxes are commissioned directly (email), but there are also portfolio designs available to buy online (instant gratification!).
Wedding artboxes – Lots of examples of wedding and engagement artboxes and how those commissions work.
Instagram – photos of new work and studio life.