I’m Lisa Swerling, an artist making miniature worlds in boxes called Glass Cathedrals. Inspired by the power of the miniature to communicate big ideas and emotions, I’ve spent twenty years making thousands of these ‘magical time-travel boxes’ – in Cape Town, California, and London.

Glass Cathedrals are collected and shown all over the world. From Modern Art Oxford and at dozens of international art fairs, to more unconventional spots like Anthropologie (London) and the Exploratorium Museum (San Francisco). The Glass Cathedrals Cinerama collection is shown annually at the Telluride Film Festival (Colorado), and my art has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the Small is Beautiful touring show – the world’s biggest exhibition of miniature art launched in 2021 in Paris.

Whether commissioning a custom Glass Cathedral that captures your unique memory or relationship, or ordering an off-the-shelf design (click here to shop), Glass Cathedrals remind us that we are all the heroes of our own stories, and that finding delight in small moments is a superpower we can turn on in the blink of an eye.