When we gaze down from a plane at city lights at night, we feel like giants. Yet, looking up at the stars, we feel like tiny specks amongst them. That a person can feel like a god and like a speck of stardust at one time, in one body and mind – what marvels we humans are! 

I’m Lisa Swerling, maker of miniature worlds in boxes called Glass Cathedrals. Inspired by the power of the miniature to inspire and move people, I’ve spent the last twenty years making thousands of these artboxes – in Cape Town, California, and London. Glass Cathedrals are exhibited and collected all over the world, from art exhibitions on cruise ships to celebrity Hollywood homes.

Whether commissioning a custom Glass Cathedral that captures your unique memory or relationship, or ordering an off-the-shelf design (click here to shop), Glass Cathedrals remind us that we are all the heroes of our own stories.