Art treasures, treasured for life.
We are all both insignificant, and epic at the same time – Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals are a series of hundreds of miniature worlds in boxes exploring this dichotomy. The dioramas express big ideas with tiny figures not much bigger than a pea. Each scene contains a sparkling parallel world, reflecting the poignancy, absurdity and beauty of our own.

Most Glass Cathedrals are unique and custom-made – the figures resembling actual people of your choice and set in any place of your choice – to create your personal memory artbox.

Some quick links:
Two new collections: Frida Flower Boxes – portraits of Frida Kahlo, and In the Now – politically inspired Glass Cathedrals.
Online shop (separate website): Most Glass Cathedrals are commissioned directly via email, but there are also some available to buy online.
weddingartboxes.com (separate website): Dedicated Glass Cathedral wedding box site.