About the Art

“These little worlds make you stop, think, smile and celebrate the human condition. In a world where we daily crush headlong into harsh vicissitudes, how joyful it is to stop and look at ourselves in miniature proportions. We are all human after all.”

Glass Cathedrals are a series of tiny worlds in boxes.

The boxes have been a unique platform for my flow of ideas. Some are based on thoughts I’ve been having since I was a child – thoughts that are no less mysterious to me today! “What exists beyond the stars? Why is glitter more precious to me than gold? Why do I jump in the water despite my fears? How can I feel so important and so insignificant at the same time?”

Many people have these moments of inspiration about what it is to be a funny little human traveling around a big planet.
What to do with these thoughts? I started putting mine in boxes…

When we stop and look at the tiny figures going about their business in the boxes – ambitious, vulnerable, silly, resilient – we recognise our own lives in all their messiness and sparkling glory.

In recent years I have customized hundreds of Glass Cathedrals to capture people, events, places and memories.
They are now in homes and galleries all over the world – a testament to our shared humanity.