About the Art

“Coming across your artwork felt like a thunderbolt moment of joy and lightness… They may be small in size, but your magical creations have provided moments of wonder and courage for those of us standing on the other side of the glass.” Vicky, NYC 2020

Glass Cathedrals are a series of tiny worlds in boxes expressing the beauty, complexity and poignancy of life.

The boxes have been a unique platform for my flow of ideas. Some are based on thoughts I’ve been having since I was a child – thoughts that are no less mysterious to me today! “What exists beyond the stars? Why is glitter more precious to me than gold? Why do I wade into the VERY COLD water? How can I feel so important and so insignificant at the same time?”

Many people have these moments of inspiration about what it is to be a funny little human traveling around a big planet.
What to do with these thoughts? I started putting mine in boxes…

I also make art inspired by other people’s ideas of what is most important in life. Over the years I have made hundreds  – in fact thousands – of Glass Cathedrals that capture people, events, places, memories, dreams – distilling precious moments to fit in a box. Perhaps it runs contrary to the prevailing idea that artists are expressing only their own unique vision, fuelled
mainly by their own creative drive. So much of my motivation and joy in creation, is to manifest something of
significance to another person. Plus, GLITTER.

The response to Glass Cathedrals has been heart-warming from the start. People from all walks
of life and all corners of the planet seem to identify with the tiny figures in the boxes  – bold,
vulnerable, silly, resilient, magnificent  –  just like us.