Flower Boxes

This collection of Glass Cathedrals mainly features tiny portraits of Frida Kahlo, each in her own unique hand-painted box.
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I decided to have a bit of fun photographing this squad of Frida Kahlos together, before packing them off, each into their own Glass Cathedral.

I created a set with garden furniture, cut flowers from the garden and various bejeweled items of clothing from the impractical side of my wardrobe.

The only flowers that really flourish under my care, are the ones I ignore (and, hydrangeas!). These pink beauties grow practically all year round.

I do consider my tiny figurines to have, in some sense, life, especially the ones I customize to look like actual people. So it’s especially fun for me to catch them ‘unawares’.

This backdrop is a sari I bought in Jaipur, India in 2014.