The Swerling Circus of Small

Starring tiny tightrope-walkers, invisible women, clowns smaller than a pea, dancing girls on moons that fit in the palm of a hand…
The Swerling Circus of Small
contains all manner of miniature marvels to delight and inspire, a glittering show of miniature circus dioramas held at the Anthropologie Gallery, King's Rd London during Christmas 2018.

In the Sky of the Mind

Suspended in space and time

What is going through their minds, these two tiny humans flying through the air without wings? They remain forever suspended, transcending the earthly realm of time and space, but absolutely committed to surviving the present moment.

Option to customise the skin and hair colours, and backdrop. Examples of different backdrops below.

Muizenberg, Cape Town
For the full story of the inspiration behind this artwork, read my circus love story (opens new page).