The Swerling Circus of Small

Starring tiny tightrope-walkers, invisible women, clowns smaller than a pea, dancing girls on moons that fit in the palm of a hand…
The Swerling Circus of Small
contains all manner of miniature marvels to delight and inspire, a glittering show of miniature circus dioramas held at the Anthropologie Gallery, King's Rd London during Christmas 2018.

As a souvenir of the Anthropologie “The Swerling Circus of Small” show, I printed a limited number of gorgeous postcard books featuring photos of the artworks.

No longer generally available online, for special orders email me.

Postcard Size: 4 x 6″.
Book contains 24 different tear-off postcards.
The book is bound with lovely cloth tape.
Cover finished with gold foil (I just couldn’t resist).
Printed in England on 100% recycled card.
*Note: The gold boxed version pictured have sold out, now sold unboxed.