No dogs allowed

A wonderful customization for Molly Pritchett and her husband, for their NY apartment where their fab poodles are strictly NOT ALLOWED!


I was asked by Darling, a fabulous new (real life) magazine sold in Anthropologie, to write a feature about my experience of turning a hobby into a career.

I even made some Glass Cathedrals especially for them – recreating their Spring cover (see below), and made “On Balance“- inspired by the freedom and fear of freelancing.

You can have a glimpse of the article here.


The little things in my studio often intersect to sweet effect. Here, god is tempted by a glass of red.

Trouve, More Magic

Lela gave me a stash of glass baubles to play with, for sale in the shop. I filled them with…guess…

Fairfax on a Saturday night

Green-satin-ballgown-meets-pink-rhinestone-prom-queen-meets-face-painted-goldfish. Feels like home to me.

Trouvé at night

On Friday Lela and I set up the exhibition. Then it began to rain and rain. First rain for 6 months. Later that night I could not stop thinking how beautiful the shop window looked, as pretty as a picture, so I drove there with Bea at midnight, set up a tripod in the empty road and took photos in the rain.

All things Bright and Beautiful

My Art show is opening at Trouvé in Fairfax this Saturday night. Glass Cathedrals are showing with the new work of spellbinding artist Lela Shields. I made a special mirror Glass Cathedral for the gallery window, a portrait of Lela and myself. I am the one wearing the green satin ballgown!