Custom Wedding Portraits Capturing the special day in miniature
Prices start at $1090/ £890. Lead time 8-10 weeks.

Below are some examples of previously commissioned wedding artboxes. Click here for examples of Engagement Glass Cathedrals.

“We got the box!! Omg, this is SO beautiful!! We are beyond happy…” Lester + Nick, SF 2023.

Each wedding box is as unique as the love story it contains. In consultation with the couple / the bride or groom / their family / a friend / groups of friends, I make wedding boxes to be given on the big day or after (sometimes decades after!).

I customise each couple according to their particular attributes (hair styles, skin colour, gender, age) and recreate their wedding attire and the setting of their big day. If the box is commissioned before the wedding, you will need to sneak me a preview of the outfits.

The ‘Little’ Details
The beauty of Glass Cathedrals is often their simplicity – I try to encapsulate the moment with a minimalist, timeless aesthetic. Many commissions will be simply the bride and groom standing together against a sparkling backdrop of their wedding day.

Saying that… of course I love including details that are meaningful to each couple. Surfboards, boats, vintage cars, elephants, Peter Pan… no request is too strange or specific for me.

Perhaps I should enter the Guinness Book of World Records for making the tiniest chuppahs in the world!

And of course, often the guests of honour scamper into the scene…