Twenty Years

Moments in Miniature 7 – My twin

March 8th, 2024

There is a strong watery bond between my twinnie and I, forged jumping over the Indian Ocean waves in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

In the Glass Cathedral below, we are wearing our matching ladybird bikini bottoms, which we called our 'ghogga-punts (pants)'. Insects and bogeys were 'ghoggas'. :) In the photo below we are wearing… our matching Borat Unitards??! Mooommmmm!!?? She was so fashion forward!

Sue and I were dressed in matching clothes until about the age of 11. That is rather late, isn't it. Children were not the bosses back then. But boy we were cute and people still remember us decades later, the matching twins of Muizenberg Beach.

When we weren't swimming, Sue and I would spend our time getting very tanned behind the boxes. I now have a great dermatologist in Cape Town who mops up the damage. Aaaah the circle of life!

To this day, Sue and I love to swim together. In fact for our 50th we went swimming in the rivers near Brighton and then the sea. To celebrate I made Sue a Glass Cathedral (above) with her in her happy place.

And, to my eternal delight and without (consciously) forcing it upon them, this joy has been passed on to my daughters, who lead the charge into oh so cold water. A lasting legacy!

Love to all and have a good weekend,