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Ralph Lazar

Artist, Rugged Individualist and Family Man

You know when you are so impressed with someone, that you marry them?

Since I met Ralph long long ago, I've been astounded by his three singular drives (3 x singular? That's practically a triangle!) - to create, to spend time in the African bush, and to be a good family man. All three I have captured in miniature.

Here - art!
Ralph's art website

Ralph is probably the only man on the planet who has written out every word of the US Constitution on bits of card, popped them in a box, shaken them around and then randomly stuck them on huge canvases, as Art - Reconstitution.

He began working as an artist in earnest just before the Trump Era (let us pray we never have to call it The First) and everything he does is BOLD - the title of the second Glass Cathedral portrait I made in collaboration with him (below).

Bold, London, UK, 2023

Ralph is prolific. His 'Flow' artworks document our times through his eyes – like visual journals capturing the news, music, data and conversations. Often super-size! His 'Fundamentals' pieces are more descriptive, documentary-style snapshots and summaries. You can see a compendium of his first five years of art in his artbook - Of Our Times.

As more time passes, his artworks can also be seen as brilliant historical artefacts, our times witnessed and transcribed through the eyes of an artist.

Land of Giants, Marin, California 2017