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Brandon Stanton

Humans of New York

I was commissioned by GoFundMe to make a gift for Humans of New York founder Brandon Stanton. It features Brandon with the stars from his GoFundMe campaigns. Brandon uses his huge online following to raise millions of dollars for 'ordinary' people, changing their lives for the good.

Each story is incredible in itself, links to the GoFundMe campaigns below.

Brandon Stanton: About Humans of New York

Saroj Goyal: Let's Help Saroj

Paul Ninson: Let's Help Paul Build Dikan

Stephanie Johnson: The Tanqueray Trust

Cristy and Sebastian Gracey: Cristy and Sebastian Need A Break

Esther R: Let's Help Esther

Henry Yao: Let's Help Henry

Kassan W: Let's Help Kasson Get On His Feet

Tony Hillery and Grandma from Harlem Growth: Let's Fulfill Grandma's Promise