Outside the Box: Values

Like many people, my perspectives have shifted a lot recently, due to Covid, environmental breakdown and a new awareness of social inequity inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. So I’m trying to hold myself to a higher standard, trying to change. Asking myself the question: “How I can be of greater service through my art, rather than my art simply benefitting me and my immediate audience?”

First step: What does my art stand for? 

Connection to our Shared Humanity
• Celebrating and capturing moments of joy and connection
• Inspiring awe at the wonder and beauty of life
• Expressing the inherent contradictions of the human condition – small/big, vulnerable/brave etc
• Being real about the harder aspects of life – mortality, anger, fear, injustice
• Encouraging compassion for oneself and others

Social Justice
• Inspiring hope and a sense of individual empowerment
• Representing people of all colors, physical abilities and sexual orientations
• Expressing and documenting important issues of our times
• Being a resource for under-served and disadvantaged communities

The Environment
• Amplifying the messages of local and global environmental activists
• Business practices – e.g. reducing reliance on un-environmental materials, using local suppliers