Outside the Box: What people have said about their Glass Cathedral commissions

“I wanted to take a moment to share how much your boxes have meant to me over the years. I first came across them at an art fair in Los Angeles about a decade ago. …coming across your artwork felt like a thunderbolt moment of joy and lightness… They may be small in size, but your magical creations have provided moments of wonder and courage throughout the years for those of us standing on the other side of the glass.” Vicky Wang, NYC 2020

“I love it! Love it! The composition is fabulous and the way you have included our little family is just so perfect, I feel quite moved looking at it, darn hormones! I just know that in the years to come I’m going to look at that little family with such fondness and think of these precious years.” Rachel Roberts, London 2013

“It is beautiful and moving. …all of your pieces feel original and unique to us. They create conversation with guests and are like little pockets of joy around our house. Thank you for sharing your work and sparkling imagination with the world.” James Corden, LA 2015

“Our parents were blown away and have termed it ‘the most precious thing they now own’!” – Katharine Cowley, London 2015

“Our whole family loves it and my Mom saw it last night for the first time and started to cry ;) – she was literally speechless at the loveliness of it and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your creativity and for putting these incredible creations out into the world – they are so special and I feel so grateful to have one, thank you Lisa.” Shannon Kerr, CA 2020

“We just gave the gallery boxes to our girls. They are amazing. So so so special and they just love them. I can’t tell you how perfect they are. Well done and thank you for helping to make these quarantine graduations special!!!” Meagan Nye, CA 2020

“She shed a tear. She was so moved by the fantasy and the reality that you captured.” Amy Brooks, Los Angeles 2019