Giving Back

Outside the Box: Giving Back

I support good causes with donations, auctions, raffles. Some examples below.
You may nominate a charity to receive a Glass Cathedral, please fill in the form here.

The Long-Term Future Fund administered by Effective Altruism  – helping future generations to flourish.
Sale of Joe Biden victory Glass Cathedral  This is what humanity looks like in 2021 raising $1800.

Sierra Club Independent Action – helping to elect leaders in the US who put our climate first.
Auction of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Glass Cathedral “The Dissenter’s Hope” in 2020 raising $5000.

Starfish – caring for vulnerable and orphaned children affected by HIV and poverty in South Africa.
Art donations to various auctions, including “It’s all magic.

Earthjustice – the premier nonprofit public interest environmental law organization.
Raffle of “This is what humanity looks like” in 2017 raising $3000.

Headlands Center for the Arts – a multidisciplinary arts center dedicated to supporting artists and the arts.
Art donations to various auctions, including”We call B.S.” in 2018 raising $5000.

Other organisations supported: Marin County Bicycle Coalition, Play Marin, AFPST.