Outside the Box: Articles
Arteist online art magazine interview. I sound quite articulate translated back to English from the translated Croatian – it works!
MiXX Atelier Interview about how art can be therapeutic
Chronicle Books Article about The Traveling Bookbox Show
Chronicle Books Article about the Happiness is…Last Lemon project
Cool Hunting Interview
Marin IJ newspaper Interview
LA Times “Stole the show” Review
The Foodie Bugle Review

Please contact me directly by email to request comments or interviews.

And for your inspiration, article writers of the world – some ideas for stories-yet-to-be-written:
“1,000 dioramas and counting” (How I accidentally became a world-class expert in making miniature worlds in boxes)
“20 years of Life as Art” (A love story about travels through Africa, emigration to California, making babies and art)
“The Simple Life” (What it was like to live on a desert island of 70 inhabitants for a year)
“No-one is too small to make a difference” (Channeling creativity into social activism)
“The tiniest weddings in the world” (recreating the biggest day in miniature)