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List of activities already featured in One Small Thing artwork:
(To avoid repetition please nominate for new activities or find a new angle on what you are doing.)

1. Heather Itzla: clears plastic from local areas and blogs about plastics – California
2. Karen Stead Baigrie: collects rainwater in barrels for home use – California
3. Kate Miller: switched to using reuseable plastic cup rather than disposable – New York
4. Nerine Gardiner: Giving cakes with love – Cape Town
5. Rocio Aldunate: Volunteer Doula – Buenos Aries
6. Ross Burling: Cycle to raise funds for charities – UK
7. Jamie Bushman: Owner of an Eco friendly hair salon – Chicago
8. Stephanie Reisfeld: Empowers teens to make a difference – San Francisco
9. Jeff Shaw: Founder of 24/7 rescue hotline for victims of sex trafficking – Atlanta
10. Pam Giffin-Brees: Sews reuseable gift bags – California