Rachel Joy is guest artist at “X Marks the Spot”

September 2022 | London

Rachel is a lettering artist based between London & Paris. She will be showing six new artworks at the November show.

Her expertise ranges from crafting letters for brands – advertising, logos, packaging, books and magazine covers –  to creating large scale mural pieces inside + outside. Additionally she paints personal commissions in the form of traditional sign painting.

Rachel’s work with Platform X:
* Creating the lettering for ‘Platform X’
* Guest starring at X Marks the Spot exhibition at Truman Brewery, November 2022
* Debut artist to co-create the first Glass Cathedral in the Tiny Artist Box Portrait collection

Website: www.racheljoyprice.com
Instagram: @racheljoylettering

Westfield Photography by @hansonimages | All other images ©racheljoyprice.com