Win a unique Glass Cathedral

Ends Nov 1st 2022 | Worldwide

Meet your Hero (Deadline passed, winner announced shortly)
You know the “Dream Dinner Party” game, where you decide which 3 or 4 people you’d choose to have at your dream dinner party? This is the Glass Cathedral equivalent, but you get to choose a “hero” – anyone you would love to hang out with in your unique Glass Cathedral. You can also enter on behalf of someone else if you’d like to win a box for someone else and their hero (with thanks to Bridget K. for the original Little Prince inspiration!)

What would be a magical and inspiring encounter for you? Where would you be and what would you be doing? Would you like to be gazing at the stars with The Little Prince? Riding a tiger with William Blake? Swimming in the waves with a grandparent? Maybe you and Taylor Swift are busking in front of the Sacre Couer?
The scene can be as fantastical or as simple as you like… anything is possible in a Glass Cathedral!

    Competition Entry:

    Prize Conditions:
    Deadline for entries Tuesday November 1st 2022.
    Free to enter as many times as you’d like.
    Your name and your email address must be verifiable.
    Winner will announced on Thursday 10th November online and live at the “X Marks the Spot” Private View at Truman’s Brewery.
    Free delivery to a UK or US address. If winner is outside the UK / US, they will pay the cost of delivery and customs in advance of shipment.