Fundraiser for ‘Stop Ecocide’ Campaign

December 2022 | London

The proceeds of the sale of this unique Glass Cathedral “It takes everyone to change everything” will be donated to Stop Ecocide International. Each figure and sign is hand-painted, and the back of the box is a mirror. (SOLD)

From the late Polly Higgins, founder of the movement to have the crime of ECOCIDE enshrined in law.
The rules of our world are laws, and they can be changed. Laws can restrict or they can enable. What matters is what they serve. Many of the laws in our world serve property – they are based on ownership. But imagine a law that has a higher moral authority… a law that puts people and planet first. Imagine a law that starts from first do no harm, that stops this dangerous game and takes us to a place of safety….

Accounts to follow on Instagram:
@ecocidelaw – more about this movement
@amplifierart – artists mobilising
@extinctionrebellion – if you have reservations, at least do them the service of hearing what they have to say directly

I’m as culpable and inconsistent as most – here I am advocating for climate action whilst acting in most respects like the world’s resources are infinite. But it’d be a double dose of selfishness to let guilt stand in the way of acting to try help spread the message, and support climate activists, wherever and whenever I can.