Be My Armbands

June 25th, 2024

A quickie before I launch my 20 week project this Friday.

It’s not easy to ask for help, but here I go. I have a small favour to ask, that would make a potentially big difference to me. And might end up with someone you know winning a Glass Cathedral of their choice. Interested? Yes? Great!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve set myself the challenge of writing the Glass Cathedrals story in the next few months. I’d LOVE more people to share in this, and in general to know about Glass Cathedrals.

You – my newsletter friends – have been by far the most important connection I’ve had with my audience over these 20 years. But, truth be told, I’d like to reach even more people through my newsletter, which I put so much time and heart into.

Tell a Friend
So, if you find my emails lovely to read, could you tell some of your favourite people about them? You’d just need to email or text them, and include this link where they can sign up: along with a note saying why you like Glass Cathedrals and my newsletters. You could also just fwd this email, with a personal note.

And if they subscribe before this Friday 28th June, they will be entered in a draw to win an off-the-shelf Glass Cathedral (value up to £490/$635). Their chances of winning could be pretty good! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your WhatsApp groups!

Thanks guys, and your first instalment of the Glass Cathedrals Odyssey will be with you on Friday!

All the best,