20 Years of Glass Cathedrals

June 23rd, 2024

Hello all,

I’ve finally found a job title that feels right – Maker of Miniature Worlds. Took me long enough – 20 years in fact! I know this quite specifically because 2024 marks the 20 year anniversary of Glass Cathedrals. Some of you have been along for the ride since the beginning – CRAZY HEY!!?

Here are three ways I’m celebrating this milestone:

1. To kickstart the celebrations, for the next week it’s 20% off ANY Glass Cathedrals. That includes custom or off-the shelf. If you email, just mention it, or if you buy direct from the shop, click this link or use code 20woohoo.

2. For ages I’ve been meaning to write an account of having this weird and wonderful job. So over the next 20 weeks I’ll be writing (and emailing you) a weekly column about my experience making Glass Cathedrals. Wish me luck!

3. After 20 weeks I’ll publish a book based on these columns. It will be a colourful jumble of personal stories, thoughts, illustrations, photos, and a LOT of miniature art. I’ll launch the book at a joint exhibition happening with my husband and daughter in Oxford! More details to follow soon.

Below is a summary of what I’m thinking for the book themes over the next 20 weeks:

1. Glass Cathedrals Short Origin Story
2. Glass Cathedrals Long Origin Story
3. Africa in My Blood
4. My Partner-in-Crime, Ralph
5. The Joy of Many Failures: Last Lemon Productions
6. Starting the Art Adventure
7. 2004 – Making Off-the-Shelf Glass Cathedrals
8. 2009 – The World of Custom Commissions
9. 2012 – Wedding Portraits Galore
10. Glass Cathedrals of My Very Own Life11. 2015 Project 1: One Small Thing
12. 2016 Project 2: This is What Humanity Looks Like
13. 2016 Project 3: The Traveling Bookbox Show
14. 2018 Project 4: The Swerling Circus of Small
15. 2019 Project 5: Here, it’s Beautiful California
16. 2019 Project 6: Cinerama
17. 2020 Project 7: Starstuff
18. Why I Love What I Do
19. Some of My Favourite Glass Cathedrals Ever
20. ? (it’ll come to me by the time I get here…)

Please look out for these accounts in your inbox. I hope the weekly delivery will give you with some sweet anticipation in this insta-world!
Love Lisa