In the Now

Since 2016 I've been making Glass Cathedrals that explicitly deal with politics and political activism. Each Glass Cathedral shown here was created separately, and many have never been shown in public (unlike my other collections) but I have brought them together here to be viewed in one place.

We’re Baaaaaaaack!

2018 + 2019 | Women's March

In 2018 and 2019 I made two more Glass Cathedrals of the Women's March, replicating that year's signs in miniature.

Paying attention to the changing signs was a great indicator of how the progressive movement (as exemplified by the Women's March) was evolving - ideologically, structurally and in terms of which issues were coming to the fore. At all successive San Francisco marches, I was impressed by the inclusivity of the platform but also the fierce urgency for historically silenced people to be heard, for the oppressed and under-served to advocate with their own voice.
2018: We're Baaaaaaaack!
2019: Trust Black Women