In the Now

Since 2016 I have been making Glass Cathedrals that explicitly deal with politics and political activism. Each Glass Cathedral was created and exhibited separately (unlike in other collections) but I have brought them together here to be viewed in one place.

This is what humanity looks like 2021

Jan 2021 | Joe Biden's inauguration

Four long years ago I made one miniature protestor for each of Trump’s first 100 days. It became the first diorama in the series “This is what humanity looks like”.

This new version of that artwork began as a wish 100 days ago (12 October 2020). Exactly 100 days before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inaugurations, (and a thousand years before anyone knew how the elections would turn out), I took a leap of faith and began once again to make one protestor a day, wishing vehemently that they would be symbols of Trump’s last 100 days.

And so they have become - an encapsulation of the last four years and a promise for the future - the next 100 days, and the 100 after that, as we actively evolve our understanding, priorities and behavior to secure the world for future generations.

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50% of this sale goes to The Long Term Future Fund administered by Effective Altruism.