Nature's way of saying you'll be ok

Jen and Kate | Heaven on Hinckley
Jen gave this Glass Cathedral to her friend Kate, when Kate moved away last year. There was something about this commission that really truly moved me. I basically cry every time I write about it (and I'm on a plane right now writing, so it’s a pretty odd sight).

“Heaven on Hinkley" is of a precise moment early in Kate and Jen's friendship, when they toasted the sunset on the beach. It’s quite rare for friends to commission Glass Cathedrals that capture an everyday moment rather than the BIG ones like weddings or travels.

I think this Glass Cathedral is so simple, and so precious. It communicates, to me, how being with a friend, in nature or maybe just at the kitchen table, chatting and laughing, maybe being young, maybe being old, both feeling the deep human connection - that this is more than enough to give meaning to our lives.

Elizabeth, Kirsten, Stephanie, Nikki, Ann-Rose and Kathy | The Six Amigas!

This was commissioned for Elizabeth's birthday, and boy did these gorgeous Californian ladies have fun sending me descriptions and photos to recreate them in miniature!

"We are a group of mums who have been thru the peaks and valleys together in parenting our kids from 5yrs-14yrs old as the kids graduate and move into new directions."

Apparently their kids could recognise each one of them immediately!

Aaron, Martin, Melissa, Celine, Josh, Joe, Maya, Ben and Paisley | Time Capsule

Aaron described how, during the pandemic, nine friends bubbled together and survived that superweird yet life-affirming time in one large house. He asked me to create each of the nine in miniature looking up at the (relatively) super-size mask - capturing these friendships and the unique masking-era that cemented them.

What a snazzy and stylish crew to get to makes so very tiny! I was struck by the extra literal dimension of this commission - that the enclosed space in the Glass Cathedral mirrored the enclosed bubble of that time.

Jim, Toby, Marci and Stephen | Holidaying in Abcoude, Netherlands

Max and friends | Over the Edge, Mallorca

And the rest....