People pursuing their life's callings

"A calling is a conversation between our physical bodies, our work, our intellects and imaginations, and a new world that is itself the territory we seek." The poet David Whyte wrote a short treatise "The Dream of Ambition" in which he contrasts having ambition with having a vocation. I have listened to him reading it many times, and it's made me see my life a bit differently, and inspired decisions I may otherwise not have made.

Below: A teacher, a celebrant, youth worker, psychotherapist, energy worker, children's book writer, instagram activist, dog trainer, screenwriter, decathlete, theatre producer, actress, film executive!

Dave DeMartini | Teacher | Marin CA | Grouphug
Commissioned by parents for a beloved middle school teacher who had been incredibly supportive of his students during Covid.

Tiu de Haan | Celebrant | London
Whyte writes that following one's calling is a "creative conversation" that leads to "a secret surprising flow...generosity... maturity...compassion... " It's no wonder that the original inspiration for "The Calling" series, was my dear friend Tiu. Her actual calling defies categorisation ...celebrant, ritual designer, idea doula, creative facilitator?... she's just MAGIC portrayed striding out in her famous white trouser suit which was the start of it all.

Tiu's website

Sophie Storm Roberts | Trailblazer | Glen Coe, Scotland
A trailblazer in so many ways- this box was commissioned for Sophie by her mum Amanda in 2020.

"Sophie is an adventurer and is also founder of a youth empowerment initiative called Trailblazers. ...She is passionate about traveling, breathing, Scotland, mountain climbing, sunsets and sunrises, cycling, family and friends, adventure, challenging herself, her Trailblazer girls, meeting new people…Sophie organises a yearly biking sportif, London to Paris in 24 hours, L2P24, which is also a great passion."

Blaze your Trail is the charity Sophie founded to hep teenage girls develop confidence and courage.

Dr. Gottlieb | Psychotherapist | Los Angeles, CA

Leah Joy | Energy Worker | California
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." (Rumi)

Jennifer Holm | Writer | California
"Believe in your dreams"

Nora Fellas | Instagram Activist

Deborah Colella | Circus School for Dogs | New York

Lana Cho | Hollywood Screenwriter | Los Angeles, CA

Trond Skramstad | Norsk decathelte Los Angelos 1984 Olympics | Norway

Stacey Mindich | Producer of Dear Evan Hansen | New York

Joan Cusack | Actress | Chicago
Everyone's favourite redhead... with particular reference to her role in the TV show 'Shameless' (2013)

Josh Berger | Warner Bros Exec | London