Happy days by the sea

A Glass Cathedral designed to immortalize wonderful beach experience by creating a memory box from a personal photograph or recollection.

Twin Sisters | Tallow Beach, NSW, Australia

Remember when you could imagine whole kingdoms of tiny people living in some tunnels dug in the sand, or the hollow of an old tree?

In this Glass Cathedral I'm tapping into that magical capacity of childhood - a few pieces of driftwood have become an epic playground for these adorable tiny twin sisters.

The Baigrie Clan | Rooi Els, Cape Overberg

The Osnoses and Sandfords | Lakeside Days, Lake Michigan
Generations growing up together, year after year in holiday houses beside Lake Michigan.

Talita, Charlie and the kids | Tresco, Isles of Scilly, UK

Doug and Mary | Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados
A simple walk on the beach can mean the world (helps that the beach is in BARBADOS!)

Kiki, Ben and family | Polzeath beach, Cornwall

The Swerling Lazars | North beach, Point Reyes, California

Kim, Pen and the labs | Totnes, Devon
The poetic inspiration: "I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide...." from the Sea Fever poem by John Masefield.

Peter, Vic and Milo | Point Lonsdale, Australia

Lily, SImon and the kids | Montauk, New York