Do you love film? Welcome to Cinerama - cinematic dramas in sparkling dioramas! Each diorama in this collection captures an iconic scene from the big screen, frozen in time and place. Starring movie legends in MINIATURE: Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Kristen Scott Thomas, Audrey Tatou and SO many more...

From the MiXX press release:

“MiXX projects + atelier is excited to announce a collaboration of cinematic proportions.

Featuring a glittering new collection of Lisa Swerling’s signature shadow boxes, each depicting an iconic scene from a beloved big screen classic, Cinerama will be exhibited this September in tandem with the Telluride Film Festival.

From Vertigo to Amelie, Lisa lends her whimsical alchemy to the universes of our favorite films, capturing the directors’ carefully crafted worlds in miniature within her elegant white boxes. While the show is a true delight for cinephiles, no one can resist the magnetic charm of Lisa’s shimmering dioramas. We invite you to come experience Cinerama, and take in the magic of the big screen frozen in time and place.”