The Calling

True vocations (fully customisable)

"A calling is a conversation between our physical bodies, our work, our intellects and imaginations, and a new world that is itself the territory we seek." David Whyte

The Irish poet David Whyte wrote a short treatise "The Dream of Ambition" in which he contrasts having ambition with having a vocation, or a calling. I first heard it read aloud by Whyte himself, on Sam Harris's Waking Up meditation app at the start of Covid. I have listened to it many times and it's made me see my life quite differently, and inspired decisions I may otherwise not have made.

Dave DeMartini | Teacher

Dr. Gottlieb | Psychotherapist

Leah Joy | Energy Worker
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." (Rumi)

Jennifer Holm | Writer

Nora Fellas | Instagram Activist

Deborah Colella | Circus School for Dogs

Lana Cho | Hollywood Screenwriter

Trond Skramstad | Norsk decathelte Los Angelos 1984 Olympics

Stacey Mindich | Producer of Dear Evan Hansen

Joan Cusack | Actress
Everyone's favourite redhead... with particular reference to her role in the TV show 'Shameless' (2013)

Tiu de Haan | Celebrant
Whyte writes that following one's calling is a "creative conversation" that leads to "a secret surprising flow...generosity... maturity...compassion... " It's no wonder that the original inspiration for "The Calling" series, was my dear friend Tiu - striding out here in her famous white trouser suit.