Childhood memories

Customisable to capture your childhood memory

Childhood memories make us who we are, in some ways we are the living embodiment of our experiences and those early ones feel so powerful - yet they are ephemeral and dreamlike in recollection. It's a special thing to capture one, like a sprit, in a Glass Cathedral.

"Lilly White's Party" Childhood dreamscape of the 1980s

As little ones, sisters Laura and Esther used to lie awake beside each other. "We'd always say we would meet at Lilly White's Party. My mom knew we hated to go to sleep because it meant being apart so she made this up and told us we would meet there at night to play.”

"Home" Jenny and Topsy, Glasgow Missouri circa 1940s

Mary wanted to capture her mom Jenny's bucolic childhood in Missouri. Here's Jenny, a wild-haired tomboy, reading in the tree in front of her childhood home (built... keep scrolling and you'll see it immortalised... in 1892) with best friend Topsy grazing below.

It took quite a few months and several valiant great-aunts' and cousins' daring-do to take a photo of the house today (it has barely changed!) for use in the diorama.

Below, Jenny in the fields by her house 80 years or so ago, and NOW, Mary and Jenny with her Glass Cathedral.