Many Glass Cathedrals are unique and custom-made – the figures resembling actual people and the place of your choice to create your personal memory artbox. These start at $850.
Price of Portfolio Glass Cathedral designs start at $650
and many are available to buy on my webshop.

Please contact me via email
I welcome enquiries and can guide you through how I would capture what
you are looking for in a sparkling Glass Cathedral. (remember to say
which country you’re writing from!)

Lead time is 8-10 weeks. if you need it earlier I’ll try accommodate.
If you need it really quickly, also may be possible with an express fee.

Glass Cathedrals hang on a nail or French cleat on the wall,
or can sit on a shelf.

Shown right: small, medium, large.
Small: 30 x 20 x 8cm (12 x 8 x 3″)
Small with trees: 30 x 20 x 13cm (12 x 8 x 5″)
Long: 60 x 16 x 13cm (24 x 6 x 5″)
Medium: 45 x 30 x 13cm (18 x 12 x 5″)
Large: 60 x 35 x 13cm (24 x 14 x 5″)