Every now and again, I design products that are inspired by Glass Cathedrals and produce them in tiny quantities.
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This year I’m making a limited number of Christmas baubles again:
Fairy (customizable skin, hair and dress color) / $95
Santa with sack / $25
Boobie girl (colors will vary) / $25
HRH The Queen and Phillip / $55

+++ New! Custom figure in box (eg, you, your kid, your BFF):
from $95 / one figure
from $135 / 2 figures

US: Order on Etsy to get FREE shipping to the US if you spend over $35.
UK: Email me directly to get shipping $10 first bauble, $5 each subsequent bauble. Please include the details of which of these designs you’d like, how many of each and your shipping address and phone number.