Marking significant events or life stages

Big birthdays, baptisms, bar/batmitzvahs, retirement... a gift to treasure all their lives.

Gabriel's Barmitzvah New Jersey, September 2021

Sue's 50th birthday London, 14 September 2022
Here is my twin in her most happy place, swimming in nature.

Connie and Richard's Retirement | "The Next Adventure" Clearwater, Florida 2021

Hugo's 21st | "Visions of boyhood shall float them before you" West Sussex, 2020

Nico's 13th birthday | "Shine like Fireworks" LA 2021

Rosie's Batmitzvah | "Mighty" Highgate Woods 2020

Nanna's Teen Baptism Denmark 2020

Alice gets the Guinness World Record for the largest giraffe collection! | "2,556 and Beyond" Hampshire 2023