Marking significant events or life stages

Big birthdays, baptisms, bar/batmitzvahs, retirement... a gift to treasure all their lives.

Marc and Esther's 50th Wedding Anniversary | Venice 2022

Xanthe walks for the first time! | Suffolk 2021
Xanthe's parents wanted the Glass Cathedral to capture her walking towards them on a bench, in a scene with her brothers playing football somewhere snd our dog in it too somewhere.

Xanthe had only just learnt to walk (aged 14) as she had meningitis as a baby and had a major stroke as part of it. Her parents wanted to have a trail of a wheelchair, a k Walker (frame) and her walking stick behind her to signify how far she has come and that she can now walk independently.

From Jessie after receiving the Glass Cathedral: "We love it and especially my arms in the air which is precisely what we do whenever Xanthe manages something new! Amazing, amazing, Amazing!!"

Connie and Richard's Retirement | "The Next Adventure" Clearwater, Florida 2021

Rosie's Batmitzvah | "Mighty" Highgate Woods 2020

Nanna's Teen Baptism | Denmark 2020

Nico's 13th birthday | "Shine like Fireworks" LA 2021

Alice gets the Guinness World Record for the largest giraffe collection! | "2,556 and Beyond" Hampshire 2023