Love Stories

Every love story is unique

I have made plenty of loved-themed commissions that are dotted all around the site...Evergreen ... Wedding boxes... dancing to the end of love and growing old on one pillow... But here's a little section for everyday love stories...

Lost and Found New York and London, 2023
Sometimes it's nice to know the origin of a Glass Cathedral, so here is one:
"I have met the woman of my dreams. She lives in New York and we are both amazed that we have found each other. We both love maps so I wonder if there could be a mappy background indicating where we are both from - and then two figures walking towards each other holding maps, trying to find each other. Something that indicates we were lost and showing us on the brink of finding each other.

And then:

"I got the package and I absolutely love it! It’s so wonderful and so perfect. It’s amazing."

There you were Nancy and Pertti | Finland 1973
Nancy was an American studying in a small town in Finland in 1973. She'd been told about a guy called Pertti who it may be good to meet. One day she was walking across a bridge. A Finnish man was walking from the other direction. "Are you Pertti?" she asked. 46 years later they commissioned this Glass Cathedral, so you can guess the answer...

First kiss is like a shooting star Anne and Christian | Munich 2022

"We had our first kiss on 20th August 2020 on a double sunbed in my garden at night. Watching the most active night of shooting stars I counted 7, Christian counted 3. Then we kissed."

First kiss in the rain Amy and Andrew | Los Angeles 2022

"I gave my boyfriend his cathedral at Christmas - he was completely overwhelmed and teary eyed. It now holds a beautiful place of honor in our home. Thank you so much for capturing such a special memory for us!!!"

First Dance Matt and Rachel | Lisbon 2022
Matt (French) and Rachel (English) met dancing in Lisbon. They've been together ever since.

First Date - Happily Ever After Kim and Marshall | Austin TX, late '80s

Beautiful Together Mandi and Garry | London, 2022

Plank by Plank Marin, 2023
This was a most unusual and magical commission, telling a true love story in the making. While the lived reality is not quite there, this gift manifests their shared dream of being together.