Magical portals to your backyard

Yes, these are all Glass Cathedrals of people in their actual homes. Whether large, small, mirrored, by a lake or made of ticky tacky - playing in the pool, lounging on the lawn or in the back 'yard' (field, woods, vineyard!) - homes become magical portals in their own Glass Cathedrals. 

Waterfight in Alentejo, Portugal | The Mota Santos Family

Happy days in LA | The Pedley Family

Lunching at Chateau Lacoste, France | The Paddy-O gang

Casa in Catalonia | The Colàs family

Winnipeg Beach Cottage | 50th anniversary gift for Barry and Rena

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana | The Smiths, Gilberds, Wolfensohns, Lanes and McKenzies

Duckies delight in Michigan | Musa and family

Tahoe snow cabin hidden in the woods | The Huangs

Family vineyard in Napa | The Brolls

Street play in LA | The Solomons

Streets of New York | The Lawtons

Madison backyard | The Herbsts