Magical portals to your backyard

Yes, these are all Glass Cathedrals of people in their actual homes. Whether large, small, mirrored, by a lake or made of ticky tacky - playing in the pool, lounging on the lawn or in the back 'yard' (field, woods, vineyard!) - homes become magical portals in their own Glass Cathedrals. 

Waterfight in Alentejo, Portugal | The Mota Santos Family

Beachcombing on Priory Bay, the Isle of Wight | The Hyatt Family

Sometimes 'home' can be as much about the space around as the interior. The Hyatt house in this case is actually part of the view of their family Glass Cathedral!

Happy days in LA | The Pedley Family

Lunching at Chateau Lacoste, France | The Paddy-O gang

Backyard, LA | Arlene and doggies

Casa in Catalonia | The Colàs family

Winnipeg Beach Cottage | 50th anniversary gift for Barry and Rena

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana | The Smiths, Gilberds, Wolfensohns, Lanes and McKenzies

Duckies delight in Michigan | Musa and family

Tahoe snow cabin hidden in the woods | The Huangs

Family vineyard in Napa | The Brolls

Street play in LA | The Solomons

Streets of New York | The Lawtons

Madison backyard | The Herbsts