About Lisa

Born in Cape Town, I moved to London as a teenager. I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University followed by Art at Central St. Martins in London.

With my husband Ralph Lazar, I packed in my ‘proper job’ and moved to the Seychelles in 1999, where we worked on creative projects. Back in London in 2003, an architect friend gave me a chewed-up miniature figurine, who I carefully placed in a wooden box. In that moment, life was breathed into that tiny careworn man, he had a home. A new world had been created and the Glass Cathedrals concept was born.

Pursuing this unusual hobby in a low-key way, my work was discovered at a little art market in Spitalfields, London. Glass Cathedrals began to be sold with MLIA gallery on the London art fair circuit. Just as my art was becoming quite well known in the UK, I moved with my family to Marin in California – just north of the Golden Gate Bridge – in 2010.

Since then I have been fortunate to have established great relationships with a few small galleries
– Jennie at MLIA in London, Lela at Trouvé in my local hood Fairfax, Giselle at Rare Device in
San Francisco and Pia, Hannah, Edith and Meg at MiXX in Telluride. I’ve been able to show and
sell Glass Cathedrals in their beautifully curated spaces, at the same time as throwing my energy
and passion into creating a home-grown, sustainable art business.

Having done things in my own, seemingly small, heart-led way, I’ve never really
sought a place in the establishment art world. But if I know one thing by now,
it’s that the difference between small and big is only a matter of perspective.