This is what Humanity looks like

This Glass Cathedral artbox is inspired by The Women's March 2016, and the people who've been moved to action to protect our rights, our diversity and our planet. I made one protester every day for Trumps's first 100 days, from 20 Jan - 29 April 17.
This artwork was raffled - raising over $3000 for Earthjustice. Congratulations to the winner, Ryan Legget.

I was at San Francisco airport in January 2017 protesting the pending Muslim Ban.

People were chanting call and response. I’m not really the calling type (my kids would disagree) but I found myself calling: “Show me what America looks like!” because that question was really burning in me. The crowd answered my call: “This is what America looks like”. No doubt there is not just one America, but there is this America, this version of humanity, and it’s the inspiration for this project.