This is what Humanity looks like

This Glass Cathedral artbox is inspired by the millions of people around the world who've been moved to action by recent events to protect our rights, our diversity and our planet.
I'll be adding a new protester holding a sign every day from 20 Jan - 29 April 17 (Trump’s first 100 days).
Please take part! All $ from the Raffle goes to Earth Justice- so even if you don't 'win' win, the planet does.

I’m raffling “This is what Humanity looks like” containing 100 protesters, to raise money for
Earth Justice is the US’s largest nonprofit environmental law organization, representing clients free of charge.

$5 a ticket – 100% of the money raised goes to Earth Justice.

The winning name will be pulled on the day I complete the artwork – Sat April 29th – Trump’s 100th day and the day of the People’s Climate Mobilization. Time and place of draw to be confirmed.

If your Paypal email address is different from above, please write it here so I can track your ticket:

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