Here, it’s beautiful / 2019

“Here, it’s beautiful” is Lisa's latest collection of Glass Cathedrals containing different perspectives of the San Francisco Bay Area. The artboxes will be shown throughout the Bay Area in the first three weeks of April and the full exhibition opens at Rare Device, SF, on April 26 2019.

You know that feeling, of being in the right place, like you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, and the world feels full of wonder and possibility? A sigh, a touch, a tear, a whoop of joy, a deep breath… and the realisation, “Here, it’s beautiful”.

This refrain is the inspiration for my new collection, all about where I live – the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s been a brilliant excuse to visit dahlia farms, wander through cemeteries, photograph my beloved Point Reyes coastline, explore the endlessly fascinating Exploratorium and visit so many places that had been on my bay area bucketlist for years…

The complete collection will be exhibited at Rare Device in San Francisco at the end of April 2019. For the month before, the Glass Cathedrals will be on shown in the places depicted (or nearby), to be enjoyed in their natural habitat :) and encourage exploration.